Sealing with various Coatings

Be it a newly laid floor or a well used one, we can give them an immaculate finish. Our highly professional sealing experts can seal your wood floors and help you avert panelisation as well as edge bonding. When selecting a sealer for your wooden floors, we will provide you with every option- water based wood sealer, polyurethane sealer and universal wood sealers. When it comes to using oils, stains, lime-washes, waxes and sealers, we choose only the best. For enjoying a smoother wood floor where the sealant will actually penetrate into the pores, contact us!

We are yet another expert in wooden floors sanding and sealing Cape Town homeowners have ever come across! We are aware of how wooden floors develop cracks and dents after a time and this has pushed us to think of a solution. By using quality sealants and restoring the visual magnificence of rooms at a cost much lower than that involved in new floor installation, we have catered to homeowners desperately looking for a way out. Approach us now to provide your floors with a facelift that it urgently demands.