Dustless Wooden Floor Sanding

Regarding dustless wooden floor sanding and sealing Cape Town inhabitants or homeowners can now enjoy a standard alternative. With Super Floors and its team of diligent flooring technicians, the hardwood refinishing process will leave a flawless finish in no time, without the usual hassles encountered at the time of getting your job done. Brace yourself for a safer, faster and cleaner process the next time when we work in your rooms. Covering up your furniture or vacating your home is absolutely not needed! Leave us with the job and let us deliver you a dustless state of the art finishing.

Refinishing your wood floors without leaving any toxic dust is our domain of excellence. We have our own wood floor sanding technicians working with the best available equipment. We will get your floors refinished without hampering your peace of mind. If you want our technicians to explain to you every step pertaining to dustless sanding, they will do it. You can absolutely trust us as we have invested a lot on high-tech dustless sanding equipment. Choose us if you want a safer and cleaner sanding procedure in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.